Why choose Dubrovnik for holiday?
February 14, 2017
Is Dubrovnik Becoming the New Hollywood?
March 14, 2017


Probably not even HBO themselves had in mind when they started filming Game of Thrones how popular it’s going to become worldwide. The Sopranos were over with airing and there were big shoes to fill out since the mob family was successful all over the globe. As well, Game of Thrones was aimed at a very specific niche of fans, it was highly unlikely that anyone outside the circle of cosplayers and fantasy impassioned would like the series. After the first show was aired, it was clear that a broad audience can find their interest in this TV show that broke all-time records and won The Golden Globes, Emmys… Critique and the audience loved them, and they still do. Our beautiful town of Dubrovnik became the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, the place where it all commences and probably where it will all end. At first, Dubrovnik was not included in Game of Thrones, it was Malta that posed as King’s Landing and one of the most memorable scenes was taken there (we all would like to forget the Ned Stark’s decapitation). Afterwards, Dubrovnik took over and became King’s Landing. It’s always fun having the filming crew around and their props. Many of the locals were extras, and the actors felt like home. The filming crew does not spend as much time in Dubrovnik as they did in the beginning, but they do pay us a visit every now and then.