King’s Landing Dubrovnik
February 16, 2017


Last several years were sensational for Dubrovnik’s tourism. Well, our beautiful city was a popular destination since forever and it bears the name of the Pearl of the Adriatic – not without a very good reason. Dubrovnik was granted by many alter egos in the previous period, the most familiar one is perhaps King’s Landing that had more check-ins on Facebook than actual Dubrovnik (at least last time we checked). Being the capital of Westeros brought many benefits for the city in many ways – the filming crew was large and those people did need to sleep and eat somewhere, which had direct effect on our local GDP and brought us income that was not in any plan. Once it became public that filming occurred in Dubrovnik, many guests were flocking to the city, wanting to see where Cersei walked naked, or where “Trial by combat” was taken. Positive avalanche was in motion towards Dubrovnik and there is no end in sight, numerous film makers want the ancient city in their motion pictures. One of the latest films made here is Robin Hood: Origins. There’s a lot of commotion in town, this is usually slow time of the year for us and now we have a big filming crew all over again in Dubrovnik. For instance, Jamie Foxx, Taron Egerton, Jamie Dornan, Eve Hewson have leading roles in the film and all of them are present on filming sites here. For two weeks, props made by a Croatian construction company will be all over old town, transforming it in Nottingham. We can’t wait to see our city on the big screen next year in March. Another exciting premiere will be in December this year – Star Wars Episode VIII. We have no idea what Dubrovnik’s role is going to be, allegedly the old town will be Luke Skywalker’s hiding planet.